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He stretched his wings a bit, glad to have them back.
Glad to have the buzzing of the Host once more, even if it was a bit quiet.
Glad to have his Grace. The warmth filling the emptiness it had left when it’d been ripped out.

Never again… Never would he let any human destroy him again. Righteous or otherwise.

No more deleting memories. No more running away… He’d of course be sure to keep his distance from now on. No more wearing his heart on his sleeve. No more becoming attached. He was an Angel of the Lord. A soldier. And protector of those he’d sworn himself to. And that was it. 

Nothing more. And nothing less. And he’d be sure to remember it.

Pain would still come. That he was sure of… he’d still hurt and be hurt. He was bound and chained so heavily to Earth now… But he’d have to continue on. Barrel through the pain… But he’d never let it destroy him again.  

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