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 ”Do you miss Earth?” the God asked taking his last few steps. The Angel was on the edge of the rainbow bridge. Staring down into the abyss. As if he stared intensely enough he’d be able to see that world he loved so much. Earth, he called it… 


"And Heaven?"

"Not as much…"

"Is that not your true home?" 

"You know that it is."

"And that human?"

This time the answer was met with silence. So the Demi God continued. “Much time has passed. He is probably dead.” He said the words cruelly. He was still so cruel sometimes. To the people he shouldn’t be… He kept a straight face all the same. Not even breaking when Cas gave him a pained look. 

"I know… I know he died. He and I had a profound bond…"

This took Loki by surprise. “He’s dead… and you didn’t tell me.” He’d always been a bit envious of the bond Castiel had with that human. But now it was gone. 

"It seemed of little importance.  I have told you many times I have no lingering attachments to Earth or to Heaven." 

"That’s a lie." Loki hissed, his eyes narrowing as the Angel turned his back to him, heading back. "You cannot tell me there wasn’t something between you and that human."

"If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a hundred tim-"

Loki gripped the other’s shoulder tightly, stopping him from going any further. Forcing Castiel to face him. “And if you expect me to believe that there was nothing?”

"Why is this still an issue…? He is gone now."

"Did you mourn his death?"

"Of course. He was my friend."

"Then there is still attachment!"  The Demi God snapped. 

Castiel sighed. This was not a new argument. It came up often enough. Castiel never yelled back. Always being the calming force in their life. Since the day they’d met… Who knew what kind of torrent of hate and anger if he didn’t have this Angel in his life. The chaos that he’d still be causing. Or worse… he could be dead. His hateful deeds finally catching up to him. Perhaps this was why Loki feared the relationship between the two… The mortal and the Angel. Despite knowing very well that the human felt nothing for the other. Something the Angel knew very well. And that he had nothing to fear. 

"There is no attachment…"

"What is to stop you from fluttering off to Heaven to see him!?"

"You." The Angel said calmly. Like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Like Loki should know this. "If you fear me flying off so much…" The Angel unfolded his wings spreading them out and then slowly encircling them both. Till they could see nothing but silver feathers. "Then cut them off. Just the primary flight feathers… or the whole thing… Whatever will convince you that I am here to stay… since words alone do not seem to sedate you."  

The Demi God released the  Angel’s shoulders to brush his fingers along the silver feathers. Cut them off…. clip them. Mutilate the Angel… He let out a soft chuckle resting his forehead against  Castiel’s. “That would hurt…”

"It would…"

"Won’t they just heal…?"

"Perhaps… eventually. It would take a long time. It’s different… my wings."

"Why do you stay, Castiel?" Loki asked softly. His eyes slowly closing. The Angel’s ever present calmness passing to him. He could never harm the Angel in such a way. Cutting his wings off. Or simply clipping the flight feathers. Not after all that had been sacrificed for him. So much. He could not take anymore.

"Because you need me."

"Is that all? Is there nothing else that ties you here…? Just my need?" Questions that had been asked a million times. And would be asked a million more times. A smile pulled at the Demi God’s lips waiting for the answer.

"Because I need you as well."

Loki hummed in satisfaction at this answer, feeling arms hesitantly wrap around him. His Angel had become warmer. Someday there would be no hesitation. It had been interesting… when they’d found each other.

Each longing for something unobtainable. Similar stories… similar slights…  

And the Angel had taken his hand… and guided him off the path he was on. A path he was certain he’d never escape from. Because he’d just gone so far. How could he possibly turn back? And he was home now…. not King. Not king of anything…

Just an adviser to their new King, his brother. Keeper of an Angel. And a Prince of Asgard… 

But that was alright. It had been all he ever wanted in the beginning…  he’d just forgotten because of all his anger and pain.

"Come Castiel. The hour grows late and the good King will want us there for dinner." Loki pulled away beginning to walk away. 

"And my wings…?"

The Demi God stopped and glanced back at the Angel. “Keep them as they are. I like them. But should you ever fly away… I’ll find you. And I’ll pluck each feather out. One by one-“ 

"And throw me into an over sized bird cage for the rest of my days. I am aware." The Angel smiled one of his small but warm smiles and began to follow.

"Exactly." Loki returned the smile continuing on his way.  

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