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”What the hell are you thinking, Cas?” The elder brother demanded. His expression serious. But his eyes said he was hurt by this decision. This choice. It was betrayal. Cas was betraying them again.

"I am sorry if this choice upsets you Dean. It is not my intent… I…"

"What? You’re selfish! Damn selfish."

"Dean." The younger brother chimed in. His expression sorrowful. But not upset. Understanding. Sam was always understanding.

"Shut up Sam. So. You’re just gonna… fly away and leave us all behind? You don’t belong there."

"He doesn’t belong here, either." Loki’s smooth voice cutting in. His sharp silver tongue always looking to cut and harm. "Would you have him waste away on Earth? Following your every command? Like a puppy? Hasn’t he wasted enough of his time here with you? Forever chasing never obtaining?" Dean’s expression was hard. This time giving nothing away. He was steeling himself for the blows to come. And that in in itself was the biggest tell. "Aaaah." Loki chucked darkly, finally stepping forward. "So it isn’t unknown to you. Though you would have everyone believe you are oblivious to the stares. The words. The loyalty. Everyone shouts it and you pretend you cannot hear."

"You don’t know a damn thing."

"I know everything. You’re an open book, Dean Winchester. You are not as clever as you think. And not close to being as clever as I. Are you upset that you are losing your lapdog? Or sad that you are losing something more? Tell me. For I am curious where your feelings lie. Your answer won’t matter… for the window of opportunity has closed. The bond will linger… but that is all."

Sam swallowed stepping forward ending this before it turned uglier. “Castiel belongs in Heaven. Not with you. And not on Earth.”

"There is no home for me there now, Sam. My family is all but gone. And if there are some survives… I am certain they do not wish to see me after all that I have done." Castiel’s voice was quiet. He wished for nothing more then to leave before anymore unwanted things were dredged up. 

"In Asgard Castiel will be a King. Or live like one. Here he will be… a pet. And that is not fitting for an Angel of Heaven… is it?" Loki’s grin was wide and his gestures large. He could give the Angel so much more. And he wanted the boys to know it. "The choice has been made. And he shall stay with me."

"No. No." Dean said shaking his head. He walked right up to the Angel, gripping him tight by the lapels of his jacket. "Say it. I wanna hear you say it, dammit. Say you want to go with him." 

Castiel’s azure gaze was steady, it never wavered from Dean’s. It never had… “I am sorry Dean.”

The elder Winchester growled and pushed the Angel hard. And Castiel let himself be moved. Just a few steps.

"Don’t you come back Cas. You go. And you don’t come back. We’re like family. And if you’re just gonna walk out on that. Then screw you. Fucking go. And don’t you ever come back.”

The Angel wet his vessel’s lips. Swallowing hard. His gaze finally fell. “Dean. You are not my family. I have a family. And they are gone now… I.. I am not your brother…”

Dean let a pained expression show through for only a moment. And then it was gone. “What do you want from me Cas?”

Slowly Cas let his gaze meet Dean’s once more. “Nothing… now.”

"Heartbreaking really. But Castiel. My Angel. I grow bored of this world Of these… mortals. And it’s been a long time since I’ve been home. I wish to return.” Loki’s smirk never fading. His own gaze never leaving Dean’s. Watching for every flicker of emotion. Enjoying the pain that was constantly passed through the elder brother.  

"Yes of course…" Castiel stepped towards the Demi God reaching out to touch him and take them away.

"Wait. Wait, Castiel. Just…" Sam held out his hand, his expression hiding nothing. He was sad… sad to see the Angel go. "wait…"

The Demi God scowled in annoyance. But the Angel lowered his hand tilting his head in curiosity. “What is it Sam…?”

The younger brother for a moment looked lost. Not sure what to do. He looked to Dean to for advice but his brother wasn’t looking his way. His gaze angry and focused on Loki. “Uh… well. I’ve always… believed in Angels. I prayed to them every day. I prayed to God, every day. I… So. When I met you. When I heard about you. I was really excited. Because Angels… and… well. We met. And… it was really disappointing. Because… you guys are dicks.” He smiled slightly at his own words for just a moment… “But… it’s not your fault. I’ve always understood that… better than others… You guys are soldiers. You follow orders. And despite that code… that you’ve lived by for… forever… you still broke it. And you’ve helped us. And… Thank you. And. I am glad I met Angels. You’re good… you’re good. Just what I thought you’d be… So. Yeah.” 

Castiel listened to the words intently. And the smallest of smiles crept upon his face as he heard all Sam had to say. “Sam. When we met. You were the boy with the demon blood. We part… as friends.” The Angel stepped forward holding out his hand, which Sam promptly took. Cas placed his other hand over theirs. Like he had when they first met. “It has been good to know you. Sam Winchester. It has been good to be your friend. You’ve always been understanding… I always used to think. It’d have been easier… if it was Sam… but who really knows. I wish you well… Sam.” 

"Yeah… Yeah you too, Castiel…" Sam smiled slightly, their hands falling away from each other. The silence that took it’s place was thick and heavy. And painful. But something had to be said.


"Just go."

Cas nodded, holding back anything that could have been said.

It was interesting, the Demi God mused, so very interesting. Because… in reality he hadn’t won yet. So easily the scales could tip out of his favor. The elder Winchester just had to stop being so stubborn and proud… admit something anything. But he wouldn’t. So self destructive still.  They would part like this. Nothing being admitted though it was all so obvious. Just hanging in the air. 

Though this would prove to be problematic back in Asgard. Being crushed was better than lingering hope. No doubt the Angel would listen to every drunken rambling the idiot boy would say to him. Tune into every desperate prayer and curse. No matter how painful… because Dean would never say sorry… or as the Angel to come back. He’d curse Castiel constantly… And Castiel would listen to every word. 

Oh yes… the coming days would be tiring… he’d have to be… supportive and caring. Just for a little while. Until this sniveling mortal’s life ran out. Hopefully sooner rather than later, considering their lifestyle.  

The Demi God blinked, noting the Angel in front of him again. “Sorry to keep you waiting…” he murmured.

"No trouble. All your goodbyes in order? Then take us home."

With a curt nod the Angel did as he was asked, pressing cool fingers to Loki’s head and flying them far away from Earth. They landed on the Rainbow bridge, and an unease filled Loki. Now it was his turn to face his demons… 

"Loki." Castiel said sternly. "The bond will always be there… there is nothing I can do about it now. But that is all that remains… Just a thin… fraying bond. There is nothing that ties me to Earth."

With a smile, Loki turned on his heel heading towards his home. “I hope for your sake that is true…”  

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